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Saturday, December 14, 2013

"To My Successor"

Staff pic from the early 70s.

"For the casual reader this document would appear comprehensive but for the new Director of Camping it is but a momentary orientation or covering sketch to the work and concerns ahead."

- outgoing Camp Stephens Camp Director Doug McEwen 1970

Doug McEwen put together this 54-page document that outlined the role of the camp director for incoming director Punch Jackson. It not only instructed Punch what he should know about filling Doug's shoes, but explains the overall philosophy of camp and its programs.

More important, Doug put on paper what a new director needs to know about the people working under him or her.

Doug McEwen
Much has obviously changed about Copeland Island in the past 43 years since this was written, but much of it is still recognizable today.

What Doug wrote so many years ago also offers a unique history of the island and camp.

And, of course, insight into some of the people who made it all happen.

Punch gave this to me at the 50th trail anniversary and I now share it with you. Download have a have a peek.

Merry Christmas, Bruce

1 comment:

  1. Having read parts of Doug's earlier treatise on Camp, it dosent surprise me to see the detail of his thoughts here. Not just the facts Ma'am, but the rationale behind the heart and guts of what makes Camp tick. I know it's been awhile for me but my guess is that it isn't out of place in 2013. mentions of Alice Neville, Don Phalen, brush clearing , tree planting along with what it took to bring out hydro to Copeland brings back memories of running off a generator all over again